Organizational Structure

Toronto Council Fire is one of many Aboriginal service providers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that work together to address the social, health, education, economic and cultural needs of the Toronto urban Aboriginal population.

We are located in the Regent Park/Cabbagetown area and on an annual basis interact with over 175,000 clients made up of youth, adults, seniors and families who are established in the community or in transition. The staff and clientele come from

various Nations and home communities within Ontario as well as, across the country.

The circular Program Sector Model illustrates how the various Sectors interact, forming program linkages and sharing responsibilities. This represents a more culturally appropriate form of a management which relies on a holistic approach

to the development and delivery of programs and services. Our reporting process involves information going from the Core/Management to the Board then, on to the Community for feedback.

Core Sector       Child & Family Sector       Youth Sector       Health Sector        Education       Gathering Place

Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

439 Dundas Street East

Toronto ON M5A 2B1


Tel.: 416.360.4350

Fax:  416.360.5978


Charity # 10525-5244 RR0001

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri   9 AM to 5 PM

(Extended Hours for Special Programming)


Main Entrance: 439 Dundas St. E. at Parliament


Gathering Place Entrance: Parliament St. side

at Dundas

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