Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

A Recap of Our Indigenous Wellness Roundtable

On April 26, Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre, in partnership with Toronto Public Health (TPH), hosted the Indigenous Wellness Roundtable. This event was organized to support the TPH Indigenous Strategy Plan for Mental Health and Substance Use Prevention, fostering discussions and presentations on strategic actions.

The discussions covered key past strategies, including the Toronto Indigenous Health Strategy 2016 and the Toronto Indigenous Overdose Strategy 2019.The roundtable facilitated meaningful conversations about harm reduction, the overdose crisis, harm reduction supplies, culturally appropriate support, and treatment forms.

This exchange was important for identifying and understanding the programs and services available, as well as clarifying terminologies used.

Chi-Miigwetch to Monique Diabo, Sonya Bourgeois, and Josh Swain for their insightful presentations and answers during the roundtable.

Together, we are creating a healthier, more supportive community, united by the kindness that resides in each of us.We are committed to this collaborative journey, aiming to address and prioritize the community’s needs effectively.

Chi-Miigwetch | Yaw^ko | Nia:wen