Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

Core Sector

Board Designate

The Board Designate, assigned by the Board of Directors, is responsible for the successful leadership and management of Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors, taking into consideration recommendations, positions, and/or motions throughout the year including Annual General Meetings.

Reception, Administration, Finance, and Maintenance

The Core Sector is responsible for administration, finance, policy development, and corporate maintenance. The Core Sector supports the day-to-day activities ensuring that the goals, mandate, and direction are realized, as directed by the Board Designate.

The Core Sector is staffed by the Capacity Development Officer who acts as a resource to the Sector Management Team and oversees Administration, the Information Coordinator, and Maintenance Team.  The Finance Director contributes to the overall success of the Centre by effectively managing all financial tasks in collaboration with the Finance Administrator and Support Team,  alongside the Board Designate.

The Sector is funded by a variety of sources, namely the Community Cultural Support Program, a federal program of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), managed by the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC), in addition to management fees and funds generated through the rental of our facility, catering service, and event coordination.

Over the past year, the Core Sector has interacted with 12,500 individuals and groups who have come through our doors. These visitors come from elementary, secondary, post-secondary, and private schools; church and religious groups; aboriginal agencies and businesses; other regional Friendship and Cultural Centers; individuals and/or groups from First Nation communities, Tribal Councils and agencies; government officials; tourists, advocacy groups with like-minded goals and objectives; out of country visitors keen to learn who we are, our community, our programs & services and our history as Indigenous people. We also have expanded a working relationship with external agencies and groups interested in the use of our facilities through rental arrangements, in hosting workshops, launch movies, and hosting of larger meetings.